Wounded Warrior Project

Proceeds from the 2015 Patriot Cup benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

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Wounded Warrior Project began when several individuals took small, inspired actions to help others in need.

One night while watching the evening news, a group of veterans and brothers were moved by the difficult stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq. They realized then and there that something needed to be done for these brave individuals beyond the brass bands and ticker tape parades.

The resulting objective was to provide tangible support for the severely wounded and help them on the road to healing, both physically and mentally. What had been initially viewed as a small contribution (compared with what the warriors had sacrificed while serving our country) has become WWP’s signature program:“WWP backpacks delivered bedside to wounded warriors.”


The 2016 Patriot Cup Salutes Jeremiah Pauley – a Wounded Warrior

The 2015 Patriot Cup Salutes Deven Schei – a Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization.

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